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Who’s one player that you look forward to seeing play for the national team for the first time in a while? (Let’s say 6+ months, before World Cup)

My answer would be Daryl Dike. I was afraid he’d come back from injury and forget how to score but he’s looked good this season so far and I think he would play well for the national team.


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u/HotTubMike Feb 03 '23

I’ll give you a few… first in awhile or ever:

Richards, Booth, Paredes, Milhailovic, Dike, McKenzie


u/flyingpanda5693 Feb 03 '23

McKenzie has been in solid form for Genk recently. Would love to see him get another camp under his belt.


u/Saab_like_thecar Feb 03 '23

Idk about a McKenzie. He just always looks prone to a big mistake every single time a big moment comes up. Being able to bounce back is cool, but putting out fires and even preventing is way more optimal!


u/flyingpanda5693 Feb 04 '23

Full disclosure: I’m a Union fan so I’m for sure partially a homer here. That being said, he’s young at only 23. Some mistakes are bound to happen but he’s still developing. He’s currently anchoring a Genk defense with the fewest goals allowed and first in the league so his form is deserving of another call up. I think he has potential to take the #2 cb role, or at least as the first man up.


u/JonHeathNFL Feb 03 '23

I’d like to see Mendez this summer


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u/coltj573 Feb 03 '23

been over 4 years right?


u/IFeelFineFineFine Feb 03 '23

This is correct.


u/patturnedtrick Feb 03 '23

Malik Tillman


u/chataolauj Feb 03 '23 edited Feb 03 '23

Ledezma hasn't been called up in a while, mostly due to injury, so him. I think a call up would do him some good.


u/studsam17 Feb 03 '23

I like ledezma, but with how deep our team is now is he getting a call up over Booth, Tillman, Djordje, Mendez? They are all club regulars and contributing.


u/chataolauj Feb 03 '23


I was just answering who I would like to see.


u/grantland420 Feb 03 '23

Booth, Brooks, Dike, Pepi


u/rjnd2828 Feb 03 '23

Mark McKenzie. I fully understand how shaky he looked in that Gold cup final, but he's young still and has a ton of potential. And being a Union fan I just really like the guy. He's come back a couple times and been great to the fans.


u/ThomaspaineCruyff Feb 03 '23

Daniel Lovitz. Or Jon, any of the Lovitz clan will do.


u/DavidScottCA Feb 03 '23 edited Feb 03 '23

Aside from those mentioned so far I'm looking forward to seeing Johnny or Tessman at the #6 if either get called up. Haven't seen them play in a while and I'd like to see #6 options for the Olympics and who can ideally compete with Acosta over the next few years.


u/lifegoodis Feb 03 '23

I'd like to see Vazquez (I'm not counting Camp Cupcake), Richards, and de la Torre. People got ahead of themselves with the LDLT love, but the fact of the matter is he has a bit more ability to unlock a defense than others in the pool.


u/dosmascervezas Feb 04 '23

I'd love to see some of the old guard get a final match. Jozy, Bradley, etc. Let's stop acting like they don't deserve it


u/VladyPoopin Feb 03 '23

I’d love to get Tillman more involved. While he isn’t the pressing guy up front, he seems to have a knack for finding the goal, and his quality when he’s on the ball is fantastic. If he can look less lackadaisical at times, I think he has the chops to be a starter.


u/FIFA95_itsinthegame Feb 03 '23

Brooks, MRob, Trusty, Booth, Balogun, Djordje, Mendez, Tessman and Busio once they get out of Venice.


u/Irish8Runner Feb 03 '23

John Brooks 2026


u/coltj573 Feb 03 '23

correct, ive always been a huge brooks and ream fan. the people who think brooks sucks are the same people who hated ream a year ago. noone actually watches them play they just follow whatever the narrative is. people seem to have forgotten gregg dropped brooks before he stopped playing. im very confident brooks breaks into a starting role at hoffenheim.


u/McGoatsTotes Feb 03 '23

Taylor Booth. I think he’d be great with Adams Mussah and Weston. Probably an upgrade over Mussah, he feels a bit more tactical.


u/ProfessorPlum168 Feb 03 '23

I think many people here misunderstood the question. No one outside of a diehard ever heard of Taylor Booth 6 months ago. And 6+ months ago a struggling Balogun would have made sense only as a long term potential player, as he had flashes of potential for the Arsenal U21 team but nothing more.

The obvious answer is Brooks. Richards and McKenzie definitely makes sense. Mihailovic makes sense. Dike is a pretty good shout but there’s a logjam up front and I don’t see him as being in the top 5 for strikers right now, but if he goes on a run like he did with Barnsley he could be there. Ledezma hasn’t played enough to warrant a call up but if the US decides to let all the MLS players settle in with their clubs in March instead of playing in the NL games, he might make sense.

Johnny, Tessmann and Mendez would not have been deserving before but maybe they are on the radar now.


u/lifegoodis Feb 03 '23

That's one hell of a sub-mediocre logjam up top.


u/DeuceThreeNine Feb 03 '23

I can’t just choose one. Dike, Richards, possibly Brooks.