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Sean Johnson holds the longest shutout streak in USMNT history with 759 minutes

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u/Tengobeats Feb 02 '23

Johnson has only conceded 1 goal in his USMNT career, which was 8 minutes into his first cap.


u/gogorath Feb 02 '23

He clearly is the best keeper the US has ever had.


u/Jasper-Collins The Feds Feb 02 '23

Wow 12 years without giving up a goal


u/justalittleahead Feb 03 '23

Sean Johnson has been a good soldier. Mostly played at Camp Cupcake but also a few Gold Cup matches and two starts under Berhalter against South American opponents in international windows:

Chile - January 2011

Panama - January 2012

Canada - January 2013

Costa Rica - July 2013 (Gold Cup)

Panama - February 2015

Panama - January 2019 (late appearance due to injury)

Ecuador - March 2019

Panama - June 2019 (Gold Cup)

Costa Rica - February 2020

Uruguay - June 2022

Colombia - January 2023


u/CrypticT Feb 02 '23

Huge transition since the gymnastics career


u/theRealGermanikkus Feb 03 '23

Not to mention his time starring in Miami Vice.


u/lathanor Feb 03 '23

And he is the brother of the backup backup backup backup QB for the 49ers too.


u/MasterHavik Feb 02 '23

And it is crazy he is our back up. Dude is a beast of a keeper for MLS.


u/Donkey_Douglas_ Louisiana Feb 02 '23

Can’t wait to see what Toronto look like this season


u/Intelligent-Spot-475 Feb 02 '23

Not sure why this is getting downvoted. Although he shouldn’t be starter is he has been a good goalkeeper for MLS standards


u/ethanrule3 Feb 02 '23

Yeah biased ofc but the dude won MLS Cup MVP and yet by downvoting people are implying he's not a top keeper lol


u/MasterHavik Feb 02 '23

Bro has a proven career. I don't get why people would downvote it.


u/Ilikeoldcarsandbikes Feb 03 '23

Because he plays domestically.


u/shastamcblasty Feb 03 '23

Because they said “it’s crazy that he’s our backup” implying that he should be starting. I didn’t downvote, but that’s why people likely are


u/ethanrule3 Feb 03 '23

Oh that's not how I interpreted it, I saw it as "it's crazy that someone that good isn't even our best option at that position"


u/Dont_Say_No_to_Panda Feb 03 '23

Im with you. It’s crazy how people misinterpret things.


u/shastamcblasty Feb 03 '23

Yah after I hit send I was like “well it could Also be taken this way” which is the way you said


u/MasterHavik Feb 02 '23

My guess is because MLS is seen as inferior to some.


u/jonjay009 Feb 03 '23

Meh. I've never given up a goal with the USMNT, so top that.


u/IntegratedSSR Feb 03 '23

Happy Black History month ✊🏽


u/KevTravels Friedel at his PEAK Feb 02 '23

Was it true that he had some interest abroad from a Dutch club?


u/handsomegyoza Feb 03 '23

As an NYC fan, I’ll never not love this man. Still have nightmares about Saunders in Goal 😵


u/T_Peg Feb 03 '23

I'm gonna miss this legend so much. Glad he solidified his spot in NYCFC history :-)


u/ThebigVA Feb 02 '23

Great stat but he has only had 10 games since then.


u/secretlyadog Wondo Feb 02 '23

Pretty impressive he was able to play 10 games in 759 minutes.


u/trippleBob Feb 03 '23

Do it in the World Cup


u/Perfect-Half-5208 Feb 03 '23 edited Feb 03 '23

How many caps does he have during that time? Not trying to take anything aaway from the guy, but I would bet that the opponents were very low ranking teams.


u/artistic_brownie Feb 03 '23

Wtf is shutout?


u/Tengobeats Feb 03 '23

Just that he didn’t allow the team to score. So Sean Johnson holds the record for longest continuous streak of not allowing a goal for the USMNT.