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If you shop on the day of thanksgiving, you're a horrible person

2 family members are missing our thanksgiving because a Walgreens and McDonald's stays open during the holiday, they were scheduled and refused the day off. My family makes an effort to not go to stores, fast food places, and gas stations during thanksgiving, why, because we are decent human beings and we don't want to support these practices. All non-essential stores should be closed on thanksgiving.

Unless you're an essential business like healthcare, hospital, and police, close on thanksgiving, it's literally the least you can do, even Walmart is doing it.


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u/Alsterius wateroholic 5d ago

My work only stays open from 6am -12pm IF people wanna work. People do. They are getting paid $35 an hour instead of $15


u/SunnyErin8700 5d ago

I wish there was a way for stores to open and only staff those who want to work. Lots of folks depend on the extra holiday pay.


u/0impulsecontrol 5d ago

I’ve worked thanksgiving before and I didn’t mind, fat fucking tips delivering to depressed barfly’s


u/dm_me_kittens 5d ago

When I worked at Medieval Times it was practically a fight club when it came to deciding who was working. Not because people wanted off, but because they wanted to work. Holidays mean big fucning bucks.


u/Crickaboo 5d ago

I used to work every holiday. Now I just tell my family I have to work and stay home eating cereal and watching tv. It’s heaven.


u/moodymatcha 5d ago

That’s amazing. I was just thinking what if OP family members don’t actually have to work and lied so they don’t have to make an appearance since it seems there’s so much pressure around it for their family.


u/ChadThunderHorse2019 5d ago

Well, tbh, based on how sanctimonious op is... Maybe the family members did lie.


u/Crickaboo 5d ago

He’s probably my sister-in-law fr.


u/TacosTime 5d ago

I worked at a movie theater and would always volunteer for Thanksgiving evening. Got me out of Christmas and was always dead.

Christmas is pure hell. People are horrible.


u/littlemissmoxie 5d ago

I’d rather get a fat paycheck than be stuck all day with relatives I don’t like. Bonus if you can swipe a pity plate of leftovers after work and then quickly dip back home.


u/Frogmouth_Fresh 5d ago

Australian. Don't care about Thanksgiving (we don't celebrate it here besides imported black friday sales), but I have worked other public holidays, such as new years or boxing day. Getting that sweet double time and a half money is often worth it to me.

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u/Wam_2020 5d ago Helpful

Walgreens is a pharmacy and falls under the line of healthcare. Accidents and sickness don’t take holiday.


u/aimless__renegade 5d ago

I have the flu, as do my husband and son. I can’t tell you how grateful I am that Walgreens is open today.

Please OP, pass on my thanks to your family members. Not everyone is well enough to celebrate the holiday, unfortunately. People like your family at least helped me get through it.


u/jspeed04 5d ago edited 5d ago

Toddler had a 101.5° fever this AM.

Went to Walgreens for children’s Motrin.

Toddler’s fever has since broken.

Of course, I thanked the gentleman at the register for being there today. Absent that medication we’d be at the ER.

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u/you-know-that-guy 5d ago

Yesterday I got diagnosed with flu and covid at the same time, and my life has been miserable because of it. I'm relying so much on things because I don't have the energy or groceries to make anything. Any other year I would stay so far away from any stores.

Big thanks to folks who are working the holiday, I wish you nothing but the best.


u/2livecrewnecktshirt 5d ago

I caught covid last week at a concert and have been sick since Saturday. I live alone so I obviously canceled myself from my family's Thanksgiving plans, and I'm not going anywhere since I'm still positive and therefore isolating, but I'm thankful if I needed a friend to pick up something for me that there's somewhere they could go.

I'm sorry you've caught it too, get well soon.


u/HailChanka69 5d ago

I got strep and Covid for the first time a week before moving to college. Can’t imagine Covid and the flu feeling any better

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u/Expensive-Ad-4508 5d ago

Hope you recover quickly. Flu has hit our home too. My middle child is on day 7 with fever, poor guy.

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u/Pharmomcy 5d ago

This warms my heart. It can be such a thankless job.

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u/yeetflix 5d ago

At my Walgreens, the pharmacy is closed today. It’s just the store itself that is open.

Of course they do sell a lot of OTC medical products, but worth mentioning nonetheless.


u/RoseOfNoManLand 5d ago

I was actually surprised to see the target in my city is closed today. It has a full pharmacy and even a walk in minute clinic where you can see a nurse practitioner or physician assistant for simple things like vaccines/tb testing, cough, sore throat, COVID testing etc.


u/jaygjay 5d ago

Thankfully Target closes on all major holidays! We have Xmas off too

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u/AverageJoesGym24 5d ago

I worked at a Walgreens a few years ago, there were numerous holidays where the pharmacy would be closed/close early but the regular store remained at regular hours


u/Wam_2020 5d ago

It’s not just about RX drugs. It also Tylenol, cough syrup, Pepto, Benadryl and other drugs.

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u/FlameMarshmello 5d ago

Yeah unfortunately my husband and I caught colds. Lucky it's not covid, but we didn't have any cold medicine or ibuprofen and boy am I glad for the pharmacy being open.


u/UntappedBabyRage 5d ago

Actually the Walgreens pharmacy is closed on thanksgiving (and all major holidays) only the regular store stays open. There’s usually one pharmacy in the city that stays open for reduced hours (unless you’re in a major city with a 24 hour store) but ALL of the regular store sections are open regular hours.

Source: worked Walgreens pharmacy for 6 years


u/snarkyccrn 5d ago

But at least having the primary store open enables folks to get the over the counter essentials to nurse illnesses - the cough medicine, tyelenol, etc...


u/[deleted] 5d ago

[removed] — view removed comment

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u/Ichewsyou876 5d ago

My Walgreens is open, the pharmacy is closed


u/eliphanta 5d ago

But usually at these retail pharmacies the pharmacy is closed while the retail store stays open.


u/Imeanitcouldhappen 5d ago

I’m fairly certain most if not all of the actual pharmacies are closed today, it’s just the front of store which is open. Still, that allows people to get things like cold medicine and bandages.


u/Tyris727 5d ago

Walgreens specifically closes their pharmacy and keeps the retail side open during holidays. Source: former walgreens fodder.

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u/FriendliestUsername 5d ago Silver

Holidays don’t mean the same thing to everyone, weird.


u/Not-quite-my-tempo- 5d ago

Right? Like I hate thanksgiving as does my boyfriend. I get to isolate at home and my boyfriend gets to work and make double. My boyfriend hates thanksgiving too. Holidays are an excruciating time for A LOT of people.


u/username_offline 5d ago

i reallyyyy wanted to hibernate and play video games and order a pizza today, it would have been my first real day off in weeks, but i guilted myself into a train ride to thanksgiving with my parents. both decisions are okay.


u/squadracorse15 5d ago

I basically did the same thing. Haven't had a day off since November 6th, but decided to go since my grandma isn't doing too well and she's approaching 80, so who knows how much longer she has. It was a mistake. Seeing her wasn't, but my family always seems to be more miserable when I'm around. It's probably all my fault but I just wanted to see someone that wasn't a coworker.

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u/candy_jr 5d ago

I hate thanksgiving too lol I can’t stand all the fakeness and awkward conversations from relatives I rarely see anyway…I would much rather just chill at home


u/Tinawebmom 5d ago

We finally enjoy Thanksgiving. Why? I no longer host. We stay in. Cook up a storm. Watch Thanksgiving movies, play video games and enjoy the day.

Visiting with family you hardly see is just no fun.


u/LuckStrict6000 5d ago

What are thanksgiving movies?


u/Tinawebmom 5d ago

Adam's family values

The Adam's family

Fantastic mister fox

Are three we've found thus far


u/maybekaitlin 5d ago



u/TGrady902 5d ago

3rd year with just the immediate family. So much more relaxing. Pajamas, tv on football the entire day, plenty of food and we all keep the leftovers and the best part is nobody overstays their welcome.


u/candy_jr 5d ago

Sounds like my kinda thanksgiving 😎


u/EngineNo81 5d ago

Make a family you look forward to seeing for thanksgiving. It can be friends, it can be pets, whatever. I hate the feeling of obligation to see folks you don’t wanna see, so I don’t do it. I see the people I care about best.


u/maybe-a-dingo-ate-bb 5d ago

I always say I like thanksgiving food but hate thanksgiving. I loved it when my dad was alive bc the conversation would always lead to hilarious stories and we’d play games. But since he died I feel like all the small talk with extended family I see maybe 3 times a year is very draining and I’d much rather cuddle with my dog and eat grilled cheese and play Mario Golf.


u/mcCola5 5d ago

I was wondering why anyone would hate Thanksgiving, and then I read your comment. Other people see their families!

I have loved Thanksgiving since I was a teen. My parents always left and I got the house to myself. Sometimes girlfriends would come over. Sometimes friends. I always had a couple days to myself.

Now, my wife and I line up a sick movie marathon and make delicious food. Last night we sat in the hot tub and watched The IT Crowd. We cleaned the kitchen and are about to get the couch bed ready to watch more movies. If we pass out, we are in a bed!


u/I_Speak_For_The_Ents 5d ago

You know you can do that instead right?

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u/BakedWizerd 5d ago

Holidays = free days off where I’m much less likely to be bothered and that’s literally it

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u/hahayeahimfinehaha 5d ago

I actually liked working on Thanksgiving when I did retail. It was better than spending it at home alone, and I got paid double. Ours was entirely voluntary though.


u/5kUltraRunner 5d ago

So did I. The day went by way faster because it was the busiest day of the year, and I got paid double. OP is trying to speak on everyone's behalf and doesn't understand some people prefer to work on holidays.


u/regularpeoples 5d ago

No, if you don't agree with op, you're a horrible person.


u/FriendliestUsername 5d ago

God I wish I didn’t desperately need a /s these days.


u/Redqueenhypo 5d ago

For real. I frequently forget Christmas exists and go “why the fuck are there all these drunk people dressed as Santa” on the 25th


u/23eulogy23 5d ago

The world doesn't stop moving because of one weird American holiday

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u/JEspo420 5d ago

Pharmacies and food establishments are considered essential


u/dreams-of-lavender 5d ago

yeah, i read this post while sitting in a pharmacy waiting on medication for my wife who is screaming and crying in pain right now because of an intercostal strain. i'm a horrible person for picking those meds up for her, i guess


u/DinosaurDriver 5d ago

Hope your wife is feeling better!


u/cheyennenotwyoming 5d ago

I don’t think OP was really thinking about that when they posted. I hope she’s okay ):


u/SecretDevilsAdvocate 5d ago

They might not have been but if they post something it’s their responsibility to at least think about it


u/magikarp2122 5d ago

I’m thinking they meant the people who go to grocery stores, complain about there being no fresh turkeys on Thanksgiving, and then saying, “It’s so awful you have to be here today.”


u/sudo_py 5d ago

yup! used to work at a local grocery store as a cashier, every thanksgiving the lines were horrible and everyone had full carts. they then had the audacity to complain to the 16 year old cashier about how we were out of everything & shouldn’t have to work today. like okay ma’am, your total is $237.

fortunately we closed at 4 so i still got to have dinner w my family :)

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u/kiwivenue 5d ago

bad take, i’m a college student and all of our dining halls are closed during thanksgiving. there’s no kitchen in my dorm so unless i want to starve i literally have to go out and get food


u/moodymatcha 5d ago

Yes! I had so many international students at my university and they didn’t have anywhere to go when dining halls were shut down Thursday-Sunday, no kitchens, and vending machines were super limited.


u/Snoo_33033 5d ago edited 5d ago

I used to work at a university library, and recently we started being open during the thanksgiving holiday. International students can’t necessarily go home and we provide a place for them to work and gather.


u/moodymatcha 5d ago

That’s amazing of your university to do that for them!


u/Snoo_33033 5d ago

It’s an essential service, so some people had to work anyway. We just called for volunteers and got plenty!

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u/thisfuckinguy617 5d ago

I was a DJ for our college radio station and always had to work Thanksgiving. Radio doesn't/didn't take a break. And I could play the weirdest shit during everyone's meal <chef's kiss>


u/oopsallecoli 5d ago

So technically it's a good take, for the sub.

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u/Imaginary-Diamond-26 5d ago edited 5d ago

Walgreens is a pharmacy and should be considered an essential business.

ETA: for those saying “the pharmacy is closed” it was open this morning- I know because I picked up a prescription. But I’m aware that they close around mid-day. Half of my family has the flu right now, and we also needed to get extra acetaminophen to manage the fevers. Those meds don’t come from the “pharmacy” part but from the drug store part. The main part of the store still has essential items in it, and I’m extremely grateful for the people who were there to help us get the medicine we needed.

I’m very sympathetic towards folks who don’t want to work on the holiday but are forced to, and most of the time, that business probably should just close because it’s the right thing to do. But with this specific store, I don’t think it’s unreasonable for them to choose to be open. It made an enormous difference to my sick family today.


u/godoftwine 5d ago

I didn't get my period for a year and then one day I did. Thanksgiving morning. No warning. I was glad Walgreens was open since I had to be around family all day

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u/murder_droid 5d ago

You know.... Not everyone is going to celebrate Thanksgiving right ? Should those that don't be trapped in their homes? What about those essential services that should be working? Maybe they just need some food on their shift.


u/Particular_Bobcat 5d ago

People who work during holiday also get paid higher.

OP is basically never poor before, so they don't know.

If you are poor, you don't need a day off. You need money. It is the number priority.

Day off without money means shit.


u/Crunchy__Frog 5d ago

Or they’re 14, have little life experience and needs a place to vent unfounded frustration about a situation that’s personally affecting them.

Sucks they feel that way, but let them try having a forced “day off” when you really need that shift to cover your rent that month.

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u/GoldenShoeLace 5d ago

OP’s worldview is the only one that matters, obviously.

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u/rare0rgasm 5d ago

One could argue a grocery store or a take out store IS essential services and thus should be open. Not everyone cares for Thanksgiving like you do. People might prefer to work on a holiday for extra pay. For those who are forced, that sucks but it's literally in your contract.


u/avoozl42 5d ago

Grocery was definitely considered essential during the pandemic

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u/Harold_Grundelson 5d ago

To one of your points, not everyone celebrates Thanksgiving.


u/Jcampuzano2 5d ago

This, went to a local African (Ghanaian) owned café this morning that was still open and while I don't want to assume much, we had a great chat and they seemed glad to have some people come through.

I don't really celebrate Thanksgiving since I live thousands of miles away from the closest family, so I'm thankful for these places being open.


u/SecretDevilsAdvocate 5d ago

Like what does OP expect people to do if they forgot to buy food/only had time to do on thanksgiving/etc


u/ravenclaw1984 5d ago

Let's not forget those who don't have family to celebrate with, for whatever reason. People who work places that are open on major holidays know and need to accept you'll not be able to get off for every holiday. Some places try to accommodate and allow you off on a weekend day after. Families can gather then and celebrate.


u/hambluegar_sammwich 5d ago

I don’t have kids and used to work at a liquor store which obviously is going to be open. I worked every thanksgiving giving for years and it ruled. A minimum of 2-3 customers would bring huge plates and I would get to have hippie thanksgiving w the tempeh and veg, Mexican thanksgiving w tamales, black Thanksgiving w the bomb ass Mac and cheese...


u/ghandi3737 5d ago

And the power company and water company are still working, along with fire fighters, EMS, police.

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u/freak-with-a-brain 5d ago

That question is so foreign to me

Where i live both Christmas holidays are days off for nearly everyone. So if Christmas eve was a Sunday (not a holiday, but all sundays are closed) monday and Tuesday are closed too. (Not in hospitals, many restaurants/ hotels because they want to stay open during holidays, and some pharmacys, but not every pharmacy is open only a few for absolut emergencys in a area of a certain size)

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u/CmllYng_1108 5d ago Helpful

I disagree. As a single Mom of 3 I volunteer to work holidays as the Holiday pay is so much more important than a meal with my family. The kids do the traditional thing with their Dad's family and I get leftovers. Win Win and I'll cook a turkey at home for us together next week when they are on sale.



I always volunteered for Thanksgiving. Double pay is no joke and after I'd go home and still eat plenty good. I remember one time when I was like 19 I was working at a convenience store and I think 4 different customers brought me in foiled covered plates.


u/_bruh____ 5d ago

Yeah for real. And when I first started working my mom and I worked at the same store. And we would volunteer to work together. She was the manager, I was the cashier. Technically not allowed, but our store manager turned a blind eye to it on Easter Thanksgiving and Christmas. And our store manager would bring us both a huge plate every holiday for working.


u/RoRoRoYourGoat 5d ago

I know several people who volunteer to get holiday pay. And that's why if I ever need to eat at a restaurant on a major holiday, I leave an excessively large tip!


u/Cancerisbetterthanu 5d ago

Right? I'd totally work a holiday. Great excuse to make some extra cash and not spend the entire day with my family lol


u/SaltyChickenDip 5d ago

It sucked when I was hourly and we got holiday off when I had nothing going on . Thanks now my paycheck is smaller


u/AnthonyCumiaPedo 5d ago

This. My mom's a flight attendant, she managed to work a flight out to where I live to have Thanksgiving with me and other extended family and fly home on Black Friday.

The bonuses alone could pay for the whole dinner.

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u/shay-doe 5d ago Gold

If you have a medical emergency on Thanksgiving you're also an asshole my family member is a nurse and another a doctor oh and an EMT who will be missing thanksgiving, if you have an uncontrollable fire on Thanksgiving you're a dick since my fire fighter cousin can't make it to dinner. If you are flying anywhere on thanksgiving to go see your family fuck you because I have a family member who works at the airport. The whole world should just stop because of me.

Honestly adults can manage their PTO if they really wanted to spend Thanksgiving they'd have been there. Odds are they'd rather work then be stuck at your family gathering.


u/civilaet 5d ago

Odds are they'd rather work then be stuck at your family gathering

I used to enjoy working Thanksgiving at a restaurant. Sure there were families but a lot of times it was lonely older people. Made me sad sometimes but it also made me feel better that they were able to get out of the house and not be totally alone for the whole day.


u/dowtimer 5d ago

Odds are they'd rather work then be stuck at your family gathering.

Particularly the ones who cannot STFU about politics.


u/fluffycatscrote 5d ago

Ugggh. I'd rather sit at home and have a more meaningful conversation with my cats than endure that.

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u/EMF15Q 5d ago

Not everyone has family, and if they do, not everyone wants to see them. Plenty of people would rather get paid time and a half (if not more). I don’t go shopping on Thanksgiving, but the country doesn’t need to shut down just for one meal.

If you don’t like working holidays, get a job where the business isn’t open.


u/originaljbw 5d ago

NoBoDy WaNtS tO wOrK aNyMoRe.

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u/moodymatcha 5d ago

My entire family chooses to work on Thanksgiving for a fat ass holiday check and then we do dinner on the following Sunday! Not everyone is miserable missing out and in my experience a lot of people take shelter at work so they don’t have to deal with family drama or holiday stress/anxiety.


u/[deleted] 5d ago

No. Some people work on those days. Emergency staff etc.

What is horrible is making comments like "oh my god I can't believe you're open"


u/Skoteleven 5d ago

I hope subby is also planning on leaving the T.V. off, it takes a lot of people just to play re-runs and even more to broadcast a parade, or a sports ball game.

It's not just over payed actors, or ball players, its a bunch of working class folks doing a normal job on Thanksgiving.

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u/FiletM1gn0n 5d ago

Its part and parcel of the career you choose. My wife works in hospitality and routinely works Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year's Eve, Boxing Day, and every bank holiday throughout the year (that's a UK thing I think you may need to Google). She gets paid extra for doing those days, and at the end of the day, it's kind of a given that it's gonna happen if you choose that sector to work in.

On another note, God forbid I have to travel to see a dying relative in an emergency on your version of thanksgiving, gas stations? Seriously?

Personally I think you're being salty because it affected you directly this year, and if it didn't affect you personally, you wouldn't give a damn.


u/navyac 5d ago

I’m an air traffic controller for the govt, I work every holiday. Some people need to keep the world moving

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u/billclitton 5d ago

Also worked in hospitality (hotels) and agree. People still need a roof over their head even on the holidays. I actually enjoyed working on the holidays because the guests were generally in a better mood and even brought me treats sometimes.

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u/NMoes 5d ago

Not everyone celebrates thanksgiving.


u/Karen_Filippelli 5d ago

But OP does so we must all make sure all of society functions in a way that fits their desires


u/Big_Noodle1103 5d ago

Yeah, such an entitled opinion.


u/Robbbg 5d ago

yeah, I don't (mainly because I'm not American) but also just WHO. THE HELL. CARES. if you shop on holidays in general unless Christmas because most places are closed on Christmas.

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u/meowbrowbrow 5d ago

Also not everyone has the luxuries of having a meal to eat on thanksgiving or a family to spend the day with. People still need things


u/WillTheThrill2212 5d ago

"Hi, I don't understand life and get upset when it doesn't go my way. I get gas, and expect police and firemen to come if there is an emergency and expect my power to work, and expect my toilet to flush because I have no clue how the real world works."

This is how most people see this topic.

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u/Patient-Delivery-363 5d ago

I think what you mean is if your a boss who requires employees to work instead of offering holiday time off you're a horrible person.

Some people want to work. Most dont. But food and pharmacies are needed


u/moodymatcha 5d ago edited 5d ago

True true. It’s also pretty well understood which industries have a risk not getting the holidays off- Food, pharmacies, medical, law enforcement, security, first responders, emergency dispatch, hospitality, travel, air traffic.. Or you’d think would be well understood at least


u/Used_Pirate6318 5d ago

I feel for holiday workers, but for people who don’t have close family to spend their days with it is sometimes nice to have places open for breakfast or lunch. Even if it’s just McDonald’s. My fiancé went out with his family this morning to do activities I can’t participate in while pregnant, (and have two dislocated ribs) and I have no family in town so I treated myself to hot coco from McDonald’s this morning.

As another comment said, some people enjoy working on holidays because they don’t have families to spend their days with. It’s definitely circumstantial, but I have worked on thanksgiving before and didn’t really mind at all. You can always have leftovers and the food is all I really care about lol


u/SaltyChickenDip 5d ago

And here I am about to go to walgreens to get medical supplies


u/averagejones 5d ago

YoU sHoUlD hAVE bOugHt YuR EMeRgENCY sUPplIES YesTuRdAY!!.!

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u/HNDRERER 5d ago

You imply everyone cares about these holidays, which they don't. So why would they care about working today if they don't see it as a special day in any way?


u/slightly-cute-boy 5d ago

Food service is an eh, pharmacies absolutely are essential. You’re forgetting about peoples whos lives differ than yours. Those who don’t have family thanksgivings, and instead have to go out to get their food, or those who rely on small general stores to get things they need.


u/Syn-Mojej-Starej 5d ago

"they were scheduled and refused the day off" - so you mean your family members are horrible persons?


u/bendangs 5d ago

Please don’t die on this hill.


u/canidieyet_ aggressive toddler 5d ago

my family is the type that’s enraged because “people shouldn’t be required to work thanksgiving/christmas!” but get mad when everywhere is closed and “well there’s people who don’t celebrate! why can’t they work!” there’s absolutely no winning lol

way i see it, stores should offer the day off with holiday pay, or let people volunteer to work and get time & 1/2 and adjust hours accordingly.

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u/Adorable-Buffalo-177 5d ago

I shop on Thanksgiving because i hate my family and avoid them like the plague

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u/alohawanderlust 5d ago

Not all people in America celebrate Thanksgiving and many don’t have family or anywhere to go on Thanksgiving.


u/LilithImmaculate 5d ago

Just have your Thanksgiving dinner on a day that works for everyone. Jesus. Not everyone celebrates Thanksgiving and it's pretty narcissistic to think everything should shut down because you want to eat a turkey


u/ModsHateMe1 5d ago

Thanksgiving is a social construct


u/SSubSilence 5d ago

Thanksgiving is a turkey eating contest


u/KimJongEWN 5d ago

I’d imagine the two that are missing the thanksgiving are quite happy they don’t have to deal with you.


u/egbert71 5d ago

This comes off as just preachy and judgemental., so i guess gets a vote

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u/iflookzkill 5d ago

You literally just contradicted yourself. McDonalds and Walgreens are essential businesses. And you're mad at family members for working hard to better themselves? What's wrong with you?

Definitely an unpopular opinion. You nailed it.

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u/yekedero 5d ago

what if you don't care about thanksgiving?

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u/GigaGooseGuns 5d ago

That’s a really stupid take, you don’t understand how the real world works


u/Big_Noodle1103 5d ago

Welcome to r/unpopularopinion. Seriously this sub has been filled with the most absolutely brain dead takes for sometime now.


u/7Gen_ius07 5d ago

It’s always either that it’s a popular opinion or something that just deserves to be unpopular because it’s entitled or stupid. Haven’t seen an actual unpopular opinion that’s respectable in a while.


u/ArCSelkie37 5d ago

The issue is that people misconstrue unpopular with being a dick. For example OPs opinion would still have been unpopular without calling a huge swathe of the population horrible people.


u/GigaGooseGuns 5d ago

For real, OP doesn’t have a clue


u/HippieWitchyWoods 5d ago

Saw OP’s comment history and it appears they are 22.

So basically their brain isn’t fully developed yet. Makes sense.

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u/Epicpacemaker 5d ago

Pharmacies are an awful example. Sure people shouldn’t have their life-saving medicine because of a holiday…


u/mummamouse 5d ago

Yup, I needed Walgreens pharmacy today.


u/xTyronex48 5d ago

Not everyone celebrates the holidays. I just made $300 today so far because I don’t celebrate, I work


u/Luffy7282 5d ago

Not everyone celebrates the holidays


u/true_crime_addict513 5d ago

If a business wants to be open on any holiday they definitely have the prerogative, but running on a volunteer skeleton crew should be the norm, and if you as a consumer decide to go to these places you should expect a little slower service and be patient. Lots of people do like working holidays, not everyone celebrates and they might like the extra $$ I find it curious which holidays we at least in the US choose to way more heavily. Why shouldn't non essential workers get off July 4, Memorial day, New year's day, Christmas Eve, Father's day, and Mother's day, what about Rosh Hashanah , Yom Kippor, Eid, Why are Easter, ( but not Orthodox Easter)Thanksgiving, and Christmas day our only 3 guaranteed days off?

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u/googleitOG 5d ago

If you disagree with me then you’re a bad person.



u/Sam_Landau 5d ago edited 5d ago

You make a valid point, but who are you to deem what stores are essential/non-essential?

That exact mentality during lockdowns is what caused so many small business to go out of business or incur serious debt just to stay afloat. People who made those policies are in fact, horrible people.


u/yikesafm8 5d ago

I had my hands burned while helping my mom make thanksgiving dinner a few years ago. not like terribly, but definitely needed some burn cream / need to wrap up my hands. CVS being open is something I’m very grateful for

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u/Dudifo 5d ago

Not everyone celebrates thanksgiving

And some people need to go to pharmacies for essentials


u/minstonwayne 5d ago

Bruh the whole world isn't fucking American.

I'll do whatever the fuck I want on your "thanksgiving", cheers.


u/_Q23 5d ago

Im a security guard and the places I work are guarded 24/7 your family does not get sympathy from me so take this upvote.


u/_Q23 5d ago

Also not everyone has to celebrate your holidays.


u/som3g4yb0y 5d ago

Good for you! OP doesn't realize that food stores are essential because not everyone is privileged enough to stockpile food. They also list wallgreens which, shocker, is a pharmacy! Whether you celebrate the holiday or not, you can be thankful you totally missed the point that everyone is peeved on


u/TryItOutHmHrNw 5d ago

You’d have 50 upvotes right now had you condensed your comment(s).

You probably get gas, groceries, AND pick up prescriptions on Thanksgiving, you wasteful, inconsiderate degenerate! (J/K)


u/librariandrea 5d ago All-Seeing Upvote

You realize not everyone celebrates a holiday today right? For many people, Thanksgiving is just another Thursday.

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u/fontane00 5d ago

not everyone celebrates. it’s not required to celebrate. i will continue to do what i please on thanksgiving like any other day.


u/Triton1605 5d ago

Thanksgiving means almost nothing to millions of Americans.


u/classic_bobo 5d ago

Not everyone cares about thanksgiving, you know.


u/Jaraqthekhajit 5d ago

Thankgiving is bullshit. I'm not worried about it.


u/Clawmedaddy 5d ago

Unpopular opinion: just because you and a lot of people celebrate a holiday doesn’t mean others do too and trying to force the idea that people are horrible for it is kinda messed up.


u/The_Dark-Wanderer 5d ago

Not everyone celebrates thanksgiving…

Your opinion is based off the belief that every single person wants to be around a bunch of people and eat turkey.

We don’t celebrate thanksgiving or Valentine’s Day…why are we horrible people for shopping on a holiday that we don’t participate in.


u/isles84 5d ago

I don’t mind working on thanksgiving. I work in supermarkets on a route. I go in for a few hours fill up the sale items and make some extra money. I usually bring one of my kids in to “help me” so they get to see what I do. I also stay out of my wife’s way when she’s baking


u/high5scubadive 5d ago

Not everyone recognizes celebrating thanksgiving, plus where I live you get time and a half for working. I would for sure take that shift


u/That80sguyspimp 5d ago

Yes, because no one ever wants holiday pay and doesn’t actually give a fuck about commemorating the day the English gave the native Americans small pox.

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u/SnooDrawings1480 5d ago

The better option, is for employers to hire and staff people on these days that don't have traditions with their family this day. When I was working retail, my parents went to visit relatives over Thanksgiving so it was just my older brother and me. I deliberately told my boss to schedule me for the opening shift on Thanksgiving So that my coworkers who were spending the day with families could spend more time before black Friday.

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u/Unsupervised_Taco 5d ago

Don’t blame the shoppers, blame the business.

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u/TorchedLeaf 5d ago

Eh, I think all the early black friday and shopping is too much, but its not like Thanksgiving is all that great to begin with. Not everyone celebrates, and some celebrate by shopping, so I don't think it's horrible. I think it's bad that the workers are getting used and not paid enough, its just to adding another dollar to a billionaires pocket. However, if the workers were paid holiday pay along with livable wages the rest of the year, then I might join in with the shoppers.


u/CampNaughtyBadFun 5d ago

You do realize that not everyone observes thanksgiving right? Your life experience is not universal. Also, how about instead of blaming the public, lay blame on the corporations that value profit over people.


u/TotalEventHorizon 5d ago

Not everyone celebrates Thanksgiving.


u/dreams-of-lavender 5d ago

not everybody observes every holiday the same. it's unrealistic and unfair to expect them to.

thanksgiving is a shitty holiday anyway.


u/CalgaryChris77 5d ago

There are many people who are immigrants to North America and don't celebrate the same holidays anyway. They are very content to work these holidays at time and a half (plus a paid holiday).

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u/HistoricalMaterial 5d ago

Well, not everyone has your kind of family with your kind of traditions.

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u/r2d3x9 5d ago

Stores that need to be open should pay a holiday bonus for working on the holiday. They should run with skeleton staff and close early, and schedule folks for like a half day shift so that they can get their turkey dinner either before or after. And feed them something at work, something that is non-thanksgiving food like chicken parmigiana


u/Mrcooper10 5d ago

Wow reading the replies it's a wonder anyone turns up at their house. What a dick!


u/aquietfart 5d ago

Some people actually enjoy working on the holidays for the extra money. Also not everyone gives a shit about thanksgiving.


u/Bigolbigboyboy 5d ago

So we're not okay with those people working, but we're all fine with a football game being on which needs countless people working the stadium, broadcasting, concessions, etc. Many believe the game on Thanksgiving is a tradition. For that I'm guessing we say "If you watch football on Thanksgiving, you're a horrible person"? It's not the people shopping that are making people stay, it's the businesses themselves. I think a better title should be "If you are not an essential business and make your employees work, you're a horrible business."


u/ClockwiseOne09 5d ago

This is willfully ignorant and stupid not an unpopular opinion


u/cspan92 5d ago

Gas stations are absolutely essential lol


u/Snoo_33033 5d ago

Nah. Your relatives should work for places that are closed.


u/Dazzling-Honey1280 5d ago edited 5d ago

You know that there’s a lot of people who don’t celebrate thanksgiving? I for one don’t, so I appreciate any places that are open on that day so I can eat lol

Also, say you getting a fever on thanksgiving, what do you do? Struggle till the next day to grab some medicine from Walgreens? Or your Turkey burnt in the oven and now you don’t have a Turkey, are you going to be stuck eating stuffing or go to Dennys or something and get takeout?

Also, a lot of people (especially immigrants who already DONT celebrate) can use extra pay during holidays. You’re too self centered to believe that everyone gives a shit about the holidays you celebrate


u/RizKeeTV 5d ago

Lmao dude this is called being an adult. Wait until you find out some people work on Christmas too


u/Goozenscheimer 5d ago

My mom is dead and most of my family is either estranged or gone. I don't have Thanksgiving because there's no one to have it with. This is a privileged point of view and largely assumes everyone celebrates the same shit you do. Gtfo


u/xSympl 5d ago

Thanksgivings isn't exactly the colloquial holiday half of America thinks it is. My family tradition has always been to work it and just have a dinner some other day, because the super holiday pay is too good to pass up lmao


u/damon459 5d ago

I worked an 8 hour day today at $50.00 an hour so yeah worry about you and let me enjoyed the extra cash!


u/TheMlghtyCucks 5d ago

Not everyone celebrates it or cares about holidays. What a childish and myopic viewpoint.


u/CompSolstice 5d ago

Not everyone in your country celebrates your holidays.


u/superdufus 5d ago

If you celebrate thanks giving you are a horrible person. Just saying.


u/neverdiplomatic 5d ago

Essential workers shouldn’t be able to shop for groceries or eat out on that day? How about some Indigenous people who choose not to celebrate Thanksgiving due to it being a celebration of the systemic slaughter of their ancestors?


u/Smab321 5d ago

I bet OP doesn’t care about religious holidays outside of what Christian’s celebrate since all their comments are about accommodating the majority. Thanksgiving isn’t even important tbh and I could not give less of a shit about people shopping today or any other holiday for that matter.

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u/DynastyWave 5d ago

My dog got sick today and we had to go to the grocery store to buy some rice and medicine for him. As much I hate to say it, life just doesn’t work that way. Accidents happen, or people forget things, or sometimes they don’t recognize the holiday, and some people NEED those work hours to make ends meet. There’s a whole medley of reasons for places to stay open.


u/silent_whisper89 5d ago

A pharmacy is an essential business and frankly so is McDonald's. Not everyone has a family to be with today.


u/ChicagoLaurie 5d ago

So running out for an extra bottle of wine or the dinner rolls you forgot is forbidden? Grocery stores should miss one of their biggest sales day of the year? And if you’re alone on the holiday, you can’t get some carry out?

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u/IceFireHawk 5d ago

I was actually surprised to see Walmart closing for the day. Never thought that would happen

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u/ak47oz 5d ago

Not everyone celebrates, I'm sure the Indian place by me was glad I was in town to patron them for the coffee I just bought.


u/cagonzalez321 5d ago

In college I worked a series of retail jobs and I’d hear the same thing every Thanksgiving: “I can’t believe you have to work today” as I rang up their stuff up or helped them find something.


u/mhiaa173 5d ago

I saw this point on another post--do you sit home and watch football on Thanksgiving? Everyone associated with that game is working on Thanksgiving: the ticket takers, concessions, parking attendants, etc.


u/EmilyG702 5d ago

Not everyone celebrates fake holidays.

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u/TheLonelyCoyote 5d ago

Airline pilot here. What's a holiday with family again? Because I don't remember them. Some careers work on holidays. Just the way it is.


u/Echolalia_Uniform 5d ago

I used to think this way then realized the premise of thanksgiving is just a bunch of bullshit.


u/azorianmilk 5d ago

I am in entertainment and usually work the holidays. Give me that sweet sweet union holiday pay!!!


u/ImACow1213 5d ago

food is not essential?

Sorry to you but I don't celebrate thanks giving and I would like places to remain open.

Also Walgreens is pharmacy right? I think it's great it's open.

I think you are being very very narrow minded and selfish.


u/WillTheThrill2212 5d ago

Here is another opinion.

Just about every employer (especially Walgreens and McDonalds) lets their workers know they could work holidays.

Don't work there if that bothers you.

Simple as that.

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u/nightly11111 5d ago edited 5d ago

Not everyone cares about holidays that much