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The standard of dress for adults in North America is way too casual.


The casualization of the Western wardrobe has been going on for decades, and I definitely am not suggesting some sort of return to 1900-1950's fashion where you have to wear a suit or long dress every day.

However, the hyper-casual nature of post-2019 fashion is going way too far imo. I think it's a real shame that adults have regressed our standards to match those of children/teenagers. If you're 30+, you shouldn't be wearing the same things as a 13yo.

It's now commonplace for people to wear street clothes into work. I see teachers at school wearing jeans and a t-shirt, people showing up to an office in a hoodie and distressed denim, and wearing beanies and caps indoors. You go to a public building like the mall, library, museum, etc. and you'll find people in pajamas!

I would strongly encourage anyone (especially if you're over ~25-30) to reflect upon your wardrobe and the message you're projecting.

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AI A new report says that many western ideas about China's Social Credit Score System are a myth. In reality, the same practices are worse in America & Europe where algorithms designed to automate decisions are being rolled out en masse and used to deny people housing, jobs, and basic services.

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Artificial Intelligence One of the Biggest Problems in Biology Has Finally Been Solved

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LGBT+ Canโ€™t wait to see the changes โค๏ธ is anyone here going trough the same journey as me or are thinking about it ? Letโ€™s connect ! (OC)


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Rule 6: User Created Title Old Article AOC used to steal the waitresses tips

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Do us all a favour and keep your pitbulls indoors please.


After seeing a pic of that boy in Wexfords face, what is the point of having a pitbull?

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Misleading headline | Comments Restricted to r/UK'ers Rape survivors call for lower burden of proof

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Why is blind pick even still in League of Legends?


I legit don't get what the point is. It just splits the que for no reason and its a bad first experience for new players. It made sense back before they perfected draft pick, but now that you que for what you want in draft and draft is pretty dang fast, there's no point, especially since 'fill' is an option in draft for people who used to go to blind just for that.

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๐Ÿ‡ฒโ€‹๐Ÿ‡ฎโ€‹๐Ÿ‡ธโ€‹๐Ÿ‡จโ€‹ ๐Ÿซค I know people can have opinions but this is just sad


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Question why no plunder or caldera resurgence?

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Fan Art How season 8 of GOT should have ended. Jon Snow and Dany ruling and flowering together. A family bond worth having and a true union of Ice and Fire ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐ŸงŠ . art by ravenart

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Globe editorial: In 1970, a Trudeau government went too far. In 2022, so did another Trudeau government

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WA No smoking rental



I'm about to rent out my house in Perth for a couple of years. it's a battle axe subdivision. I am friends with the neighbours in front and to both sides. My backyard (small outdoor roofed area) shares fences with 2 neighbours small backyards.

Is it legal for me to make the entire premises including the strata driveway a smoke/vape free area?

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Hasan wearing balenciaga glasses, buying a luxury sports car etc is cringe as fuck


Blah blah inb4 socialism is no iPhone Hasan dickriders. There does come a point when a socialist just becomes a grifter. What right do you have criticizing the problem of overconsumption and capitalist materialist greed when you live the literal life of the top 1%. Everything about Hasan pisses me off. His constant shitty foreign policy takes, his consumerism, his cowardice in engaging directly with those who can challenge his beliefs etc.

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TV/Movies/Fiction Avatar is underrated


When the movie first came out in 2009, it was overrated asf, but now, it seems like everyone hates that movie, which I kinda understand because the plot is very generic, but I honestly think the movie gets to much hate, I thought it was a pretty decent film, and I did enjoy it.

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Fool me once, shame on you, fool me... can't get fooled again

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his mom was pretty much a badass

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article Elton John described John Lennon 'whirlwind romance' as 'a dream come true for me'

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Qatar 2022 It's called soccer!

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This is the message sent to the โ€œrape victimโ€. She is not a rape victim and is instead part of a joint law suit against LU due to them hiring the ex Baylor AD.

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Rittenhouse is a lunatic murder

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Fuck smokers


How did smoking get accepted by society? How did so much of our lives get bent around drug use? We now have drug breaks at work. Spots specifically for addicts to puff. And nearly every trash bin has a slot for addicts to throw in their used up drugs, yet they still feel the need to throw them on the ground anyway. These addicts are such fucking entilteld aswell even smoke in non smoking areas and if you tell them to stop doing drugs they look at you like youre the asshole. They also feel the need to wave their fucking cancer sticks in the face of everyone, like oh look at me i spend half my monthly salary on drugs im so cool and hip. No youre a fucking addicted cunt and should gfto any public space you asshole.

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Suggestion The Fix to communism


I have seen a few posts on here, and even more comments, complaining that council republic combined with no migration, max liberties, multi-culturism, and both labor protections and social security is just too powerful as if that isn't an end game state for most nations, and just like realistic? If you could move to a place that will pay you a top wage, will except you no matter what, and where you have a direct say in your workplace and government would you not move there if they would just let you?

The historical problem with communism was the suppression of these societies and embargoing of these types of nations, or even nations just in the process of getting there, by the capitalist western powers that didn't want to lose their stranglehold on economic dominance and cheap goods and labor afforded to them through the explotation that this entire game is built around. There was a reason that the soviet union was one of the great powers coming into WW2 and basically single handedly won it against fascism, and there was just as much a reason for their dissolution many years later. Those problems were not with communism but with western meddling and capital and autocratic, authoritarian rule.

My solution to this "overpoweredness" of communism in the current system would be to add a capitalist vs communist alliance system that would start as soon as the first communist nation was formed, making that nation the head of the coalition of communism and the top gdp capitalist nation would become the top dog in their coalition. These alliances could instate alliance wide embargos for each side, and a diplomatic play to change the regime of nations of the other alliance. They could also engage in free trade amongst the alliance.

Each alliance would be ideological based with different factions forming depending on what kind of government laws you have passed. Multicultural, Open boarders, Council republics would be idealistic communists, while autocratic, secret police having command economies are communist regimes or something to give it more variety. This could also split up the capitalists into fascist ethnostates and republics with free trade or something like that.

This would lead to more dynamic and realistic coalitions and would incentivize nations to possibly choose one government type over another because they have stronger trade policy, or because if they don't they will be embargoed by the nation that has been supplying all their coal, or grain, or tools. It will incentives monopolization of resources and colonization for a reason more than fruit, rubber, and ports, and give smaller nations more pressure to go one way or another.

Although outright sabotage didn't really ramp up as much until after ww2 with the USA's rampage against it, but there has always been suppression of labor power, communist thought, and multiculturalism because those with capital know they are the tools to unwind their oppression and seize the means of production for themselves, so if you don't actively play that role, and start working towards a better society don't be surprised when you show up there.